Take An Electrifying Look Inside The World’s First Light Art Museum

Take An Electrifying Look Inside The World’s First Light Art Museum

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evan holm - submerged turntables #trackSTS (at Station To Station)

olaf breuning - smoke bombs #trackSTS (at Station To Station)

Arguably my most favorite part of the Station to Station nomadic art happening:

A 1901 Underwood No. 5 typewriter modified for Twitter, a 1956 Gibson ES-125 guitar tailor-made for SoundCloud, a 1939 Graflex Speed Graphic still camera reinvented for Instagram, and a 1953 Bolex B-8 movie camera customized for Instagramvideo.

disc: client

Pulse of the City - Turning Heartbeats Into Music

Pulse of the City turns pedestrians’ heartbeats into music. It’s an interactive public art installation installed in five locations in Boston.

Amidst the chaotic rhythms of the city, it helps pedestrians playfully reconnect with the rhythm of their bodies. It combines art, design, and technology to promote the use and celebration of public space in an uplifting and imaginative way.

at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

great to see a behind the scenes peek of Clouds, a 3D interactive digital art documentary i  helped back on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Here James George and Jonathan Minard give us a peek at their documentary-in-progress Clouds. The film, which includes interviews with 30 new media artists, curators, designers and critics, is told using a breathtaking new 3D cinema format called RGBD, which uses a Kinect to create a video game-like feel.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY proposes a transposition of the earth elevation at the scale of a microgroove record. This engraving of elevation’s data on the surface of the disk generates in consequence a subtle image of the earth. When played on a turntable, the chain of elevation data crossed by the needle can be heard.


Functioning as protection shield, projected as parasitic instrument hosted on the body it creates organic sculpted borders and communicates a non verbal ‘fuck off’ sign. Set up from an interaction set of mind to explore the boundaries of personal space vs animalistic behavior / territorial drifts.

7 cirkler by hc gilje

light installation by hc gilje with music composed by Else Marie Pade in 1959. Gilje was asked to create a work based on Pade´s composition 7 cirkler for “The unheard avantgarde”, part of the big sound art exhibition at ZKM in 2012.